chris malone : lead guitar, vocals

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 I use Ernie Ball 8 gauge strings , DiMarzio Cliplock straps and fender style knobs on all my guitars.

i tune my guitar

6 string  D# G# C# F# B D#

7 string  A# D# G# C# F# B D#

For amps, I use a BOSS GT 8 mullti-effects processor direct to the board.

No miking hassles and what comes out of the monitor is exactly what comes out of my amp..

I use mostly super high gain Soldano models for my dirty sounds and a fender twin tweaked to meet my loathsome, perverse needs for my clean sound.

My lead sound is the same is my rhythm, only boosted.

For effects I use some delay for solo's and my chorus is on all the time, or at least i think it is..

I use the Boss 7 string modeling wah pedal built into the GT 8.

I also use a disturbing ammount of Whammy Pedal

For stage volume I use a custom made 2 x 12 cab made by Zero sounds and and 1/2 of a Nady 1100 watt power amp


that's about it..








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and last but definately NOT least

my personal website...

It's more fun than clubbing a baby seal..



chris malone : lead guitar, vocals