ANGELA HAGEN : bass guitar, vocals.

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My Gear:

It has been real hard to find a good bass since I am left handed and almost no one makes them.

Atleast good ones...

I have been playing a Raven 5 string, which I am playing in the above pics, for the past three years. I also have a Schecter C-5 thanks to my best friend in the whole world, Mr. Christopher Malone, who helped me buy it. This is my dream bass, and now I can die happy.I use a Custom 2x12 cab and a Samsom 1500 watt power amp.Through that I use a Boss GT-6B. Why I have it, I no idea. It is all Chris' fault.And last, but not least, I use Levy's guitar straps.

And of course, I have Happy Bunny buttons on all my straps. If you don't know who Happy Bunny is, then go screw yourself.. hee..


I have to explain this pic before I go on.

This was my first time playing in front of an audience. It doesn't bother me to sing in front of a crowd since I have been singing since I was three, but playing is a whole different ballgame. Too much thinking for a blonde..

It was Mark, Chris, and I playing in the big town of Canton,Mn, home of the inbreds and retards, (sorry Mark) not to mention the one armed molesting Amish.

Ah, good times.. good times..

Yeah, I am flaunting my tattoo.. whadda ya gonna to do 'bout it?

There she is.. my precious.. I got this tatt in June of 2001,with my cousin Rachel, who got Chuckie from the Rugrats on her arm. She won't regret that one when she's 60, now will she?

If you want an awesome tattoo, go to Mind Altering Tattoo's in La Crosse, Wi.

Mmm Mmm Mmmm...

Here are a few of my Favorite Things:

Favorite Bands:


    Breaking Benjamin



    Linkin Park (because of Autumn)


Favorite Songs:

    Skin and Wish I may- Breaking Benjamin

    Sometimes- Candlebox

    Simon and Everything- Lifehouse

    Moon, baby- Godsmack

    Almost anything but the "pot smoking songs" from Incubus

  • My cock is not a Clown- Mr. Malone

Favorite Pastimes:

  • Going to the zoo w/ my family
  • Reading Stephen King novels- Desperation kicks ass!
  • Watching B-horror movies on "Bad movie night" with Mark and Chris (speaking of movies.. did you notice that all but one of Chris' favorite movies either has tits, death, or both? Creepy..)
  • Scowering eBay for crap I don't need
  • Shopping at Aeropostle and having Icee's with Mr. Malone

Favorite Movies:

  • The Color Purple
  • The Crow
  • Liar, Liar
  • Tommy Boy
  • Philidelphia
  • What Dreams may Come
  • Freddy vs Jason
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Remake

THE Worst movie EVER:

  • Wendigo- If you want to kill yourself slowly, this is a great way to do it.. Dead dude's in the house should have won an Oscar compared to this one!


Trying to look serious..


Look away and feel the sexiness...


Mr. F*cking Cool and F*ckhole

Here we are... a couple of sexy bitches..

This was when I could have nails and had my tongue pierced. Chris told me it looked stupid so I took it out. Never listen to a man, especially one who looks like he's on an illegal substance....

This is EXACTLY how I look when I play!




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Please, no naked pics... unless they are of Billly Wirth.. thank you.



angela hagen : bass , vocals